Dream Painter Studios is a production company that specializes in narrative film with an emphasis on animation and visual effects. Our team delivers quality, creative work that will set you, your business or your brand apart from the crowd.

Dream Painter Studios was founded in 2008 by Andrew Smith in Grand Rapids, Michigan when his desire to push the boundaries of creativity needed a new outlet.

Everyone has a dream, regardless of size and complexity. But sharing that dream and putting it into action can be daunting. Dreams are meant to be shared with the world, to inspire those around you, and to propel us forward. They are the driving force behind change and action. Think about it. If the world didn't have dreamers, we wouldn't have cars, or skyscrapers, or even the screens you are reading this on. The world needs dreamers. And sometimes dreamers need painters to bring their ideas to life. That’s where our team comes in. Bring your vision, we’ll bring our creativity, and together we’ll make something great.

Meet our Founder, Andrew Smith 

Andrew studied Marketing (not Film) in college. Most of his skills are self-taught, with the help of various online resources. He learns best by trying new things, experimenting and inventing. In short, he lives for a challenge. He is always looking for creative ideas and inspiration to push the limits of what he and the team can do. One of Andrew’s many strengths is his background as a creative (percussionist, custom airbrush artist, model maker, tinker-er). He truly is one of those people who can visualize a concept and see it through to the very end.  Andrew is a devout Christian, husband and father, and you are more likely to find him nerding out over a cool, ancient book than a classic car.